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Address:China 's Shandong Tai'an City Wanda Plaza 8 # 2419




Yunbao Network Technology was established at the beginning of 2013, and an excellent developer of live broadcasting system procedure. The company is located at the foot of Mount Tai, and it is a network software enterprise have proprietary intellectual property rights.

Yunbao Network Technology focuses on the development of video live broadcasting system and live broadcasting procedure of show. It is subject to the development of AV live broadcasting platform and software products, research and service of solutions, and realizes diversified live broadcasting, such as live broadcasting of show, electric-competing games, cellphone live broadcasting, website live broadcasting. Yunbao live broadcasting system can be applied in: different kinds of “live broadcasting+”platforms such as live broadcasting system of entertainment show field, live broadcasting procedure of online education, live broadcasting procedure of conference, live broadcasting platform of news conference and “live broadcasting+games”, “live broadcasting+E-mall”, etc.

Yunbao Network Technology at present, it has a development and technical team of live broadcasting with hundred of around one hundred of people. It has established many live broadcasting platforms successfully since its establishment, and it has rich experience in the construction of live broadcasting platform. It focuses on providing excellent development service of live broadcasting system for customers to build unique, safe and stable live broadcasting platform for users, and provide “live broadcasting+”solutions in different fields.

In the future, Yunbao Network Technologyit will continue to be dedicated in the development of live broadcasting system to provide excellent source code of live broadcasting procedure, and provide better service for users!

  • In 2013: When live broadcast was not so popular, and there weren’t so many rivals, and our PC live broadcasting procedure did prosperously.

    Yunbao Network Technology investigated the huge opportunity of the market of live platform, and invested in the development of live broadcasting system officially. In the same year, Yunbao PC live broadcasting procedure was invested into the market, which received good reputation.

  • In 2014:Live broadcasting system of cellphone entered budding period, and users of smart cellphone increased, and we updated APP of the version of H5 to the native version of APP.

    With the comprehensive popularization of 4G network in mobile terminal, cellphone live broadcasting system budded, and Yunbao Live Broadcasting APP(native version) was put into invested and researched officially, and we reached strategic cooperation with Wangsu Technology, the global famous server of CDN.

  • In 2015: Yingke was popular, so was our development of mobile live broadcasting system, and we knew that the peak of live broadcasting industry came.

    The research and development of APP of Yunbao live broadcast(native version) was completed and put into the market through unremitting efforts of the whole company. We provided the whole set of source code of live broadcasting for cooperative customers. At the same time, we also made full preparation to welcome the peak of live broadcasting industry.

  • In 2016:Live broadcast was popular as what we expected, and our new products were welcomed.

    Yunbao live broadcasting system realizes interconnection of three ends(Android、IOS、PC), “live broadcasting+”broke out, and we cooperated with over 200 customers successfully in one year, and the source code of Yunbao live broadcasting got good reputation.

  • In 2017:The time of live broadcast+comes, E-business, education, finance, etc., we promote more solutions.

    Yunbao Network Technology works deligently. It continues to focus on the development of live broadcasting system, and perfects the detailed function of the platform constantly. The application fields of “live broadcasting+” are wider, and it has become the only software server of globalized live broadcasting system that can be constructed in China.

  • In 2018: The rising of VR and AR in the future, please look forward to Yunbao Live broadcasting system.

    With the rapid development of VR and AR technology, Yunbao network technology will make deep research continuously in the development of live broadcasting system. It will bring brand new interactive experience of live broadcasting for users combining with different high-new technology of network.

Concentration and specialty:
Yunbao Network Technology focuses on the development of live broadcasting system, and it has built excellent live broadcasting platform for many domestic and foreign enterprises, and accumulated rich experience.
Being the first forever:
As the first development provider of live broadcasting system and salesman of source code, we have many years experience of construction, and Yunbao Technology is the industrial leading in technical field and quality of source code.
Make good service:
Yunbao Network Technology sticks to the service concept of “customer first”, and has perfect after-sales service. It can meet your requirement sufficiently combining with the live broadcasting platform in your mind.
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